Now, we continue the journey to the east of West Sumbawa, exactly at the district of Brang Rea. It is famous for its cave tours and village tours. Before you get there, during the trip, you will see the parallel architecture of the village’s wooden houses (stage houses). And, you will be in one village that is known as the birthplace of the courageous man of Taliwang named “Undru”.

Finally, we arrived in the Bangkat Monte Village where you can enjoy a crystal clear spring as water that is not contaminated. Prepare your stamina, we will go to Mumber Cave, it takes one till two hours on foot through the footpath. Be sure, your sweat will pay off with these natural caves. The caves formed over thousands of years. It was formed lovely with a poll of water in middle.

At the end of our journey in this district, we will invite you to visit the Rarak Village. It is still very natural and surrounded by an abundant spring, residents of livelihood are farming, gardening, and livestock. Coffee is the dominant commodity in this village. As a tribute from us, we offer you to taste typical badger coffee of Rarak nature. []

Lukman Hakim
Author: Lukman Hakim

Fotografer, tinggal di Taliwang, Sumbawa Barat.

By Lukman Hakim

Fotografer, tinggal di Taliwang, Sumbawa Barat.

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